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Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) has been developed and widely used in physiotherapy for decades with good results. It provides the perfect combination of effective strength and cardio training. EMS training stimulates all major muscle groups and also helps develop motor nerve connections. Using electrical impulses directly on the motor nerves activates even weakly connected muscles.

Benefits of EMS Training:
- Intensive and effective training in just 20 minutes.
- Builds muscles, including deep muscles.
- Protects joints and prevents injuries.
- ncreases fat burning.
- Reduces cellulite.
- Personal and individualized training.
- Training tailored to age and level.
- Suitable for people with back pain and other injuries.

Visit for more information and to book a trial session!

EMS træning på Villa A Hotel
Lokalerne hvor du kan træne EMS
EMS instruktion

Fordele ved EMS træning

- Intensiv og effektiv træning på blot 20 min.

- Opbygger muskler, også i dybden

- Beskytter led og forebygger skader

- Øger fedtforbrænding

- Fjerner cellulitis

- Personlig og individuel træning

- Træning tilpasset alder og niveau

- Velegnet til personer med rygsmerter og andre skader


På kan du finde mere information og her kan du booke en prøvetime!



If you´re in need of a little extra pampering, either for pure well-being or due to tension, etc., feel free to
contact Sharon, who offers various treatments.

Body Treatments: Deep Tissue Massage, Healing, Trigger Point, Acupressure, Infrared, GuaSha, and
relaxation massage.
Personal Training: with EMS.
Yoga/Breathwork/1:1 or couples.

Programs (including spiritual coaching): 1:1 or couples. A tailored program that can include a bit of
everything or what you choose, based on your needs, desires, and goals.

Appointments upon request! Contact Sharon via SMS at mobile +45 31 15 15 62.

Instagram sharon_soulbodyflow  

EMS lokalerne på Villa A Hotel
Du kan også bestille massage i vores EMS center
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