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Villa A Hotel is situated in the center of Odense, right in the historical Gerthasminde area, which is famous for its architecture and charming houses.
Gerthasminde was constructed around 1920 by Anton Rosen, a famous Danish architect who was inspired by “garden cities” around Europe. The hotel itself is a part of this characteristic architectural idea, where bright colors of red and yellow and charming details set the houses apart.

As part of your sightseeing of Odense, we recommend a walk through the Gerthasminde neighborhood where you can enjoy the small and homely gardens, colorful street doors and unique building styles.

Directly opposite the hotel, you will find the Church of Ansgar and its large park area also with playgrounds for kids.

There are several art museums and galleries in the area of the hotel and within 2 minutes’ walk is the tour boats which sail up the beautiful Odense river passing through private gardens, the Odense Zoo and some of the most beautiful parts of the city along the way.

If you arrive to the hotel by car, we offer free parking.

All rooms have a desk and free internet access if you need to work during your stay.
Public transportation, the train station and other city facilities are close by. 

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